Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

  • Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
  • Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
  • Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
  • Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
  • Ice Amazonite Mala with Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

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As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery. Its secrets are locked beneath a pearly veil, and with them, our own hidden truths. Only within its reflected light can we begin to understand what it has to teach us. Moonstone is foremost a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, then brought to light. [Simmons, 267]

Since earliest times, Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon - an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. Our ties to the moon are strong. As it waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, it creates the tides and rhythms of our mother, Earth, and influences our behaviors, emotions and spiritual growth. Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life.

Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. It deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma. Aligned with the Goddess, Rainbow Moonstones connect with the energies and spirits of Nature, from plant devas to galactic consciousness.

Amazonite balances the masculine and feminine energies and many aspects of the personality.
It is a stone that helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. ​
Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.
It dispels negative energy and aggravation.

​It will help with understanding yourself and help you embrace your inner truth and be able to express it effectively. ​ Amazonite assists you to set appropriate boundaries, both within yourself and externally. It helps you to move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgement, allowing you more freedom in acting in alignment with your higher truth and integrity.

Amazonite filters the information passing through the brain and combines it with intuition. ​
This stone will aid you in speaking, acting, singing, writing, drawing and painting. ​

​Amazonite aids concentration and enhances the ability to complete projects on time. It allows you to speak and live your truth for the highest good. Amazonite assists you in gaining self-knowledge and in defining your core beliefs and values. It assists you in communicating your true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. This is the first step towards both inner and outer peace. The second step is activated by amazonite's awakening of compassion through stimulation of the Heart Chakra. Amazonite facilitates the understanding another's point of view.

​Amazonite empowers you to manifest your dreams and desires.
Spiritually, an elixir of Amazonite is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness.
The stone itself assists in manifesting universal love.
It promotes all forms of creativity.
Amazonite will remove writer's block, it will help you know and understand what you need to create and how to go about manifesting your ideas and concepts.
It promotes inner peace, expression, peaceful confrontation.
​This stone will give you the ability to speak your truth in difficult situations; reduce stress and worry and lends you the ability go with the flow.​

This mala features 8mm ice amazonite beads with a 35mm rainbow moonstone pendant representing the guru bead. This mala is lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord. This is the exact mala you will receive.


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