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Aquamarine Rainbow Moonstone Peridot Hand Knotted Crystal Necklace Adjustable Length


This stunning hand knotted crystal necklace features 4mm faceted peridot, 4mmx3mm faceted rainbow moonstone, and 5mm faceted aquamarine. This gemstone necklace has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord. All findings are sterling silver including the swivel clasp and extension chain. This necklace measures 16in on the closest link, and measures 19 1/4in fully extended. This is the exact necklace you will receive. I am shown wearing the necklace on the closest link.

Aquamarine allows one to look at emotional situations from other perspectives. It can help overcome judgment of others and encourage tolerance. Aquamarine can calm fear and worry, by opening the mind up to understanding the nature of Divine Perfection in the Universe. By helping one to be more sensitive, Aquamarine initiates a connection with the experience of a mass consciousness. Going even further, Aquamarine helps to bring one into the flow of life, enhancing the experience of continuity during one's existence.

Rainbow Moonstone’s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping maintain mental clarity and assists in shielding you you from negative energies attempting to attach onto you. Rainbow Moonstone is a very effective transformational stone. Each month the new moon starts off this endless cycle of growing until its full, then radiating its luminous light before slowly resetting itself and becoming another new moon. Imagine yourself embarking on a new opportunity with different intentions each month.

Peridot is born of fire and brought to light, one of only two gems (Diamond is the other) formed not in the Earth’s crust, but in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. Associated with the sun, Peridot has been prized since the earliest civilizations for its protective powers to drive away the forces of darkness.


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