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Beautiful Tanzanite and Welo Opal Earrings, Tanzanite Carved Crystal Leaf Earrings


These pretty gemstone drop earrings feature carved tanzanite crystal leaves with welo opal accents. All findings are sterling silver. The shepherds hook ear wires will come with nylon backs. Drop length is 42mm. This is the exact pair of earrings you will receive.

Opal was considered by all in the ancient world to be the most bewitching and mysterious of gems, worn for its virtues of soothing and strengthening the sight, healing diseases of the eyes, and capable of providing great luck, as it possessed all the virtues of the gemstones whose colors reside within it. Opal is most known for its ability to bring one’s traits and characteristics to the surface for examination and transformation. Just as Opal absorbs and reflects light, it picks up thoughts and feelings, desires and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source.

Tanzanite is a stone of transmutation, shifting from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and into deep blue-violet. Brings together all aspects of communication and psychic power. Its high vibration is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart. Allows for deep and profound meditation.


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