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Cat's Eye Moonstone Mala with Aquamarine Labradorite and Pietersite Guru Bead


Cat's eye moonstone promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision. It helps you remain focused while in a meditative or altered state of awareness.
​Cat's eye moonstone assists you in seeing the emotional lessons and implications underlying your current life experiences. It is excellent for those who desire a deeper insight into the emotional patterns of themselves or others.
Cat's eye moonstone carries an amazing balance of yin and yang energies, helping you to balance these forces within your energy field.

Labradorite can aid in uncovering unconscious and subconscious belief patterns that generate unpleasant emotional states. It can help you become clearly aware of the source beliefs, self-talk and ego influence on your habitual emotional state.
Labradorite guides you toward understanding your relationship with yourself. It also enables you to see through the various layers of your emotions It is ideal for when you are in the process of reinventing yourself. Labradorite is a philosopher's stone, helping you to examine the recesses of your mind. Use this stone to shine a light on the knowledge and wisdom within you. It is also helpful for contemplation and amplifies your ability to perceive life through a wide angle lens.

Aquamarine encourages light heartedness and a happy, relaxed disposition, which is due to all that you undertake developing quickly and smoothly.
It soothes the parts of the body governed by the throat chakra including the mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, throat, lungs and thyroid.
Aquamarine clears up confusion and stimulates orderliness, by bringing any unfinished business to a conclusion.
Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth, foresight, farsightedness, mediumship and clairvoyance. It assists in keeping you upright, honest, goal-oriented, dynamic, persistent and successful.

Pietersite helps you gain mental clarity. Its chatoyancy creates an effect that helps you go within to reflect, but also notice the reflections from outside yourself. This stone provides and avenue to clearly see through illusions and deception.
Pietersite is a stone of vision and can be used for a vision quest or shaman journey. It works with the body during meditations, quickly accessing a high state of awareness. Pietersite stimulates the third eye and the pineal gland, accessing the intuition and promoting profound visions and precognition. It links into loving guidance.
Pietersite’s energy feels like the highly charged atmosphere of a thunderstorm. It activates mind and imagination, stimulates psychic vision and enhances telepathy. It acts as an etheric lightning rod, grounding high-frequency energy into the physical realm. Like a storm dredging up treasures from the ocean, Pietersite churns the hidden corners of one’s energy field and reveals new directions for one’s life. It helps to clear stagnant energies, habits and patterns from one’s life and encourages one to take action toward one’s dreams.

This mala features 8mm cat's eye moonstone, 8mm old supply labradorite, and 8mm premium aquamarine. There is a 14.5mm high grade pietersite bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with a variation of The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassle. This is the exact mala you will receive.