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Citrine Peridot Kingman Turquoise Mala, Citrine 108 Bead Hand Knotted Gemstone Mala


This lovely 108 bead hand knotted gemstone mala features 6mm citrine, 6mm and 7mm gem peridot, and 8mm Kingman turquoise (stabilized) in bronze matrix. There is a 13mm citrine bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with a variation of The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

Citrine is a gemstone of joy, abundance, manifestation, and personal will. Its energy carries the warmth of sunlight, and just like the sun, it is life giving and purifying. Metaphysically, Turquoise is considered to be a bridge between Heaven/Sky and Earth, grounding us while still remaining open to Spirit. Turquoise enhances communication between the physical and spiritual realms. Peridot is a gemstone of warmth and well-being. Associated with the Sun, peridot is known to drive away the forces of darkness. Peridot was used as a charm against sorcery and magic, evil spirits, night terrors and madness.


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