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Green Pectolite Seraphintie Girasol Quartz Mala, Green Pectolite 108 Bead Hand Knotted Gemstone Mala


This lovely 108 bead hand knotted gemstone mala features 8mm girasol quartz, 8mm premium seraphinite, and 8mm green pectolite. There is an 18mm green pectolite bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with a variation of The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

Definition of Girasol: "Said of any gem variety, e.g. sapphire, chrysoberyl, quartz, that exhibits a billowy, gleaming round or elongated area of light that 'floats' or moves about as the stone is turned or as the light source is moved."

Girasol quartz gets its name from girasol opal due to its opal-like coloring. Girasol is a name given to this particular type of quartz for marketing purposes. This is a variety of milky quartz. This milky quartz functions similar to clear quartz but the energy is a little bit softer, like filtered light rather than bright light. Milky quartz continues to be a powerful amplifier of energy. This gemstone is known to bring hope and optimism.

Seraphinite brings clarity and emotional integration of complex higher intellect into your knowledge base. This is a gemstone of enlightenment and self healing. Seraphinite assists you in reviewing the progress of your life and identifying the changes that need to be made that will put you on the path to peace and fulfilment. It awakens and illuminates the Divine spark within you and within the outer aspects of manifestation. It is an excellent gemstone for staying grounded while aspiring towards enlightenment. It is a powerful stone for angelic and devic communication, assisting you in bringing healing to the body, mind, spirit and the Earth. Seraphinite harmonizes energies of mind, body, and spirit, aligning one with Light energy. It invokes protection, help, healing and love. It facilitates awareness of your place in the universal plan, psychic vision and a spiritual se

Pectolite is an emotional healer and cleanser. It will assist in breaking down the walls built to protect the heart as a defense mechanism. It paves the way for emotional release and helps eliminate habitual emotional patterns. Pectolite is often used to imbue you and your surroundings with a sense of peace and calm. It is a useful stone to heal body, heart, mind, and spirit. Use this green gemstone to inspire you to fully manifest your highest purpose in life.


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