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Tibetan Andesine Pink Topaz Gem Rainbow Spinel Mala, Andesine Hand Knotted Gemstone Necklace


This stunning 108 bead japa mala features 6mm pink topaz, 7mm gem rainbow spinel, and 8mm Tibetan andesine. There is a premium 12mm Tibetan andesine bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with a variation of The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

The energy of pink topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation. This stone acts a catalyst trigger for manifestation activities. It promotes the expression of ideas and instills trust in the universe so much that you will feel comfortable in the potential outcome for a situation. Pink topaz is a gem of hope, encouraging integrity, honesty, and Source connection. It’s a crystal that connects you with compassion and love of all kinds. Pink topaz centers you in peace and helps you to heal old love wounds, easing sadness and grief. It opens the heart space to allow divine healing to flow in, and heals the energetic body.

Spinel is a stone of revitalization. It can stimulate any of the chakras, as well as the meridian system, bringing fresh energy where it is most needed. It is an excellent aid for reducing fatigue and repleting depleted energies on all levels It supports the physical body in recovery from illness and trauma. Spinel promotes physical vitality, refills energy and eases exhaustion. Spinel assists you to appreciate the beauty of life and the world around you. It helps you take more time to relax and enjoy the true abundance of life, instead of chasing the illusion of financial security. Spinel is a stone of new hope, it can relieve the burden of negative thought patterns and it reminds you that life is a gift. Spinel enhances all the positive aspects of your personality. It helps in achieving and accepting success with humility. Spinel helps you relax, release resistance, and let go of worry, and they act as a general balm to the nervous system. It also helps the body in removing poisons and toxins through proper processing and elimination of wastes; both energetic and physical. Spinel can be a catalyst for inspiration and new ways of thinking. This stone will help you in thinking outside the box and articulating new ideas. Spinel will assist you in developing a new and fresh self image as it loosens the negative emotional and mental hooks that you may have about your appearance, talents and capacities for growth.

Andesine provides clarity to your thoughts, helping you to think more positively. It awakens your potential and self-confidence. It helps you get out of fear and into trusting yourself and the world around you. It provides a feminine and goddess energy that is very nurturing and also very protective. As a protective stone, wearing andesine jewelry or simply carrying the stone around will prevent the release of necessary energies while also acting to deflect undesirable energy. It is believed that Andesine is a heart chakra gemstone that can help individuals deal with problems on a universal scale while creating protection against negativity. Since it has similar properties to Labradorite, you’ll discover it also contains many of the same healing powers. It is especially helpful for people that are sensitive since it affects thought patterns and other areas of the mind that impact psychological well-being. The gem helps bring order to chaos.


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