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Green Pectolite and Dominican Larimar Mala, Copper Pectolite Hand Knotted Gemstone Necklace


This green variety of pectolite carries that same soft and soothing energy that larimar is known and loved for. Larimar is pectolite that has been infused with copper. The beads on the body of the mala are 8mm. There is a 13mm Dominican Larimar bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with a variation of The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

Pectolite is an emotional healer and cleanser. It will assist in breaking down the walls built to protect the heart as a defense mechanism. It paves the way for emotional release and helps eliminate habitual emotional patterns. Pectolite is often used to imbue you and your surroundings with a sense of peace and calm. It is a useful stone to heal body, heart, mind, and spirit. Use this green gemstone to inspire you to fully manifest your highest purpose in life.

Larimar is symbolic of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility. This gemstone helps with loving and clear communication and the healing that accompanies it. Larimar is an emotional cleanser and healer, and it assists us by getting in touch with our emotions in a balanced way. Larimar helps us achieve deeper states of meditation with more ease, naturally raising consciousness and harmonizing your body and soul to new vibrations. Larimar brings serenity, clarity and constructive thought. It helps us remove self-sabotaging behavior and assists us in taking control of our experience. Larimar teaches the value of self nurturing and self respect. It facilitates balance between the active and receptive aspects of the self. Larimar encourages communication and the expression of emotional energy.


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