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Malachite and Citrine Mala, Malachite Mala, Brazilian Citrine Mala, Malachite 108 Bead Japa Mala


This stunning 108 bead hand knotted gemstone mala features premium 8mm malachite and 8mm natural Brazilian citrine. There is an 18mm premium malachite bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. Malachite is known as the "stone of transformation." It has the ability to draw emotions to surface, bringing deep healing and clearing of energy. It has the ability to activate and clear all the chakras, but is aligned mostly with the Heart Chakra. Malachite has the ability to bring about positive transformation. It is a powerful gemstone that is recommended using in smaller doses. Malachite can amplify both positive and negative emotions, helping the user to identify past traumas, old emotional patterns, surpassed feelings, worn out beliefs, and negative emotions. By bringing them to surface they may be seen or heard, and energy blocks can be identified so they may be healed.

Citrine is a gemstone of joy, courage, and manifestation. Citrine embodies the energy of the sun. It is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. It sustains the energy needed to manifest dreams and wishes into tangible form. It helps transform negative thinking into positive thought. Citrine is an excellent talisman to carry when needing to feel courageous and empowered.


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