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Rainbow Tourmaline Hand Knotted Gemstone Necklace With Earth Mined Citrine Focal Bead


This hand knotted gemstone necklace features 4x3mm faceted rainbow tourmaline crystals. There is a 30mm faceted earth mined citrine briolette bead representing the focal bead. This necklace measures 26in excluding the additional length added from the briolette. This necklace has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord. This is the exact necklace you will receive.

Tourmaline meaning varies slightly, depending on its color. However, the root of tourmaline meaning for all tourmaline colors is energy. Tourmaline imparts powerful healing energy and powerful protection energy.

Citrine offers powerful cleansing and protection energies. Citrine raises self esteem and self confidence, It removes destructive tendencies, enhances individuality, improves motivation activates creativity and encourages self expression. Citrine promotes inner calm so that wisdom can emerge. It helps in understanding information, analyzing situations and steering them in a positive direction. Citrine bestows feelings of joie de vivre and helps you to free yourself from oppressive influences. It can be used to inspire emotional clarity, fine tune problem solving, stimulating the memory, reinforce will power, encourage optimism and reinforce self discipline. Citrine marries the energy of the mind with that of the will.