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Blue Topaz Mala with Rare Super Seven Fireworks Pendant


I do my best to accurately depict gemstone in the best light possible. These beads are so very unique and very hard to display in pictures. Videos represent it best. You can view a full length video of the mala by visiting my Facebook or Instagram pages. Thank you for stopping by! ~Shannon

Super Seven is expensive, and this form of Super Seven is rare, thus the higher price for this mala. My distributor mentioned the supply of rough has currently been depleted, making this gemstone even more rare and unique. Super Seven or Melody Stone is a name given to the gemstone by the sellers community. Top grade specimens come from Madagascar, where this guru bead was sourced from. Ultimately the fireworks super seven is smoky quartz with red rutile inclusion, making the beads appear almost purple. Very sparkly and beautiful.

Rutilated Quartz is a combination of clear or smoky quartz with inclusions of the mineral Rutile. The rutile inclusions usually look like fine metallic hairs or needles, and they can be gold, silver or copper coloured.
Rutile quartz can be utilized to improve your energy levels. The red and golden inclusions enhance your physical endurance. It adds Chi or life force to the body, mind and spirit. Some legends say that this stone slows the aging process. With this stone in hand, visualise increased wealth and prosperity. Its golden energy will amplify your financial success and abundance.
Rutilated quartz brings you feelings of joy even when there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. It will reduce feelings of being overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities in life. Rutilated quartz is a self empowering stone. Use it to find the shining light within you, and step away from the useless act of downplaying yourself. With its ability to boost courage, this stone is beneficial for improving your self esteem.
The golden red energy in rutilated quartz promotes fine tuned thinking. This stone is useful for tapping into higher thoughts and wisdom. By placing your attention on the rutile within the stone, you can better maintain focus and eliminate scattered thoughts.
This stone is excellent for telepathic communication, receiving spiritual inspiration and for creative endeavours such as art or writing. It will enhance your psychic abilities when contacting your spirit guides. Rutilated quartz represents the halo of light surrounding your head, or crown chakra. The golden light sparkling within the white energetic sphere of the auric field exemplifies the infinite connection to the cosmos, the Divine and All That Is. Use this stone to improve your intuitive skills and your connection with guides, angels and your higher self. With its ability to ward off negativity, this is a good stone for protection.

Smoky quartz is an ideal stone to help you feel more fully engaged in the world and eager to create or change your reality. Smoky quartz is a wonderful healing tool following the energetic cord cutting process.
When emotional trauma has been released, place this stone on or near the areas of your body associated with the trauma. Visualise the smoky quartz cauterising the emotional scar to prevent any further damage or repetition. This stone can also help you get out of hot water when emotions are steaming.
Smoky quartz helps eliminate doubt and worry when you are faced with chaos and confusion. It helps you feel safe and sound. With focused intent, smoky quartz helps amplify your feelings of security. It is also and excellent tool for realigning scattered energy.
Smoky quartz is a spiritual grounding stone, that helps your receive and use your emotional, physical and spiritual energy. It helps to align the physical body with the Spirit which both purifies and protects. Smoky quartz is an especially good protection tool for use during spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Use this stone in crystal grids to maintain protective energy and deflect negative vibes. You can also use it to deflect the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by electronics. Grounding you and helping clear out the constant chatter of the mind, it is a perfect companion to meditation practice.

Blue topaz as a calming, soothing effect on the emotional body. It can facilitate the communication of your deepest feelings and your highest truth.
This stone increases awareness of your feelings. Its blue energy promotes peaceful vibes when you are feeling angry or frustrated. Blue topaz calms inflamed issues related to your sacral chakra, helping you express yourself with grace instead of rage. It is a useful tool for journaling your feelings.
Blue topaz brings inspiration to anyone creating something, be it a garden or a meal. It is a stone of creative inspiration, and is useful for overcoming writer's block. Musicians will also find blue topaz helpful for tuning into their muse. Blue topaz is a stone of mental clarity.
Blue topaz helps you integrate lessons and gain knowledge from your experiences. It helps calm the mind for meditation and can help in communication with higher spiritual beings.
The heavenly blue of this topaz helps you tap into higher realms of awareness to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge. Use it to connect with your guides, angels and loved ones on the Other Side. Blue topaz promotes a two-way conversation so you not only talk to the angels but you also hear and listen to the messages of the Divine. It is an ideal stone for a mystic.

This mala features 8mm blue topaz with accents of 8mm fireworks super seven. There is a 33mm rare super seven fireworks pendant representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord. This is the exact mala you will receive.


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