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Brazilian Amethyst Mala with Purple Labradorite and Rare Rutilated Amethyst 108 Beads Japa Mala


This gemstone mala features natural super saturated Brazilian amethyst, 9mm rare red rutile included amethyst (aka super seven amethyst) and 8mm premium purple labradorite. This is a gem collectors mala, full of light filled crystal. There is a 12.5mm purple labradorite bead representing the guru bead. This mala has been lovingly hand knotted on nylon cord and finished with The Mala The Mission's signature three bead tassel. This is the exact mala you will receive.

Pictures simply cannot do this mala justice. It needs to be seen in person. There is video available on my Instagram or Facebook page.

Purple gemstones correspond to the 6th (third eye) and 7th (crown) chakra, visioning, and spiritual awareness. They each have different meanings, but many are used to increase awareness & heighten psychic ability & intuition.

"The spiritual meaning of Rutilated Quartz is that of the “illuminator,” the connector of all chakras in the human body, and the crystal that will connect your entire being to the divine, from your root to your crown."

The metaphysical properties of Amethyst are calmness, balance, and peace. Amethyst is often used to eliminate impatience. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It has strong healing and cleansing powers. Amethyst is connected to high spiritual awareness and our connection to the divine.

Labradorite is one of the most powerful protectors in the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. Labradorite enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy, and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits. Labradorite brings forgotten memories to light and facilitates their understanding. This gemstone encourages contemplation, introspection, and self reflection. By bringing clarity to thought, this intuition and understanding helps dispel illusion, determine the root cause of an issue, and bring those issues to resolution helping one obtain peace. Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, enhancing faith in oneself and trust in the universe. Labradorite's energy allows one to penetrate the veils of the Void, where all knowledge and possibility are held. It is the place of potential and the source of creation.


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