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Emerald and Citrine Bracelet Stack, Emerald Gemstone Bracelet, Citrine Stretch Bracelet


This lovely 7in gemstone bracelet stack features 3mm faceted citrine and 3mm faceted emerald. There is a 4mm citrine bead and a 4mm emerald bead on their respective bracelets that houses the knot and the knot is then glued in place. Both bracelets have an inner circumference of 7 inches. If your wrist is 7 inches exactly the bracelets will fit snugly so please keep that in mind. This is the exact stack you will receive.

Citrine has been referred to as the "success stone," "merchant's stone" or "money stone." Because of its yellow color, citrine is thought of as a joyous stone with sunshine energy to brighten up the lives of those who work with it and wear it.

Emerald symbolism encompasses not only royalty but also wit, eloquence, and foresight. "The Jewel of Kings" also serves as the May birthstone. It is said to promote friendship, peace, harmony, and domestic bliss by enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love.


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