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Rainbow Chakra Bracelet, Rainbow Gemstone Adjustable Bracelet, Rainbow Crystal Bracelet


This hand gemstone bracelet features 8.5mm rainbow moonstone, 8mm strawberry quartz, 8mm sunstone, 8.5mm citrine, 8mm gem peridot, 8.5mm aquamarine, 8mm tanzanite, and 8mm amethyst. This bracelet is sized for a 7 inch wrist. All findings are sterling silver including the lobster swivel clasp. This is the exact bracelet you will receive.

Rainbow Moonstone: Divine Feminine, Insight, Intuition, Teaches the natural rhythms of life.
Strawberry Quartz: Teaches us to find joy in the present moment.
Sunstone: Abundance, Positivity, Bestows Blessings
Citrine: Manifestation, Abundance, Joy, Well-being, Empowerment.
Peridot: Warmth, Well-Being, Drives away forces of darkness. Abundance.
Kyanite: Bridges gaps in communication. Encourages peace and speaking your truth.
Tanzanite: Higher Consciousness, Perception, Intuition, Communication, Psychic Power
Amethyst: High Spiritual Achievement, Devotion to Divine, Creativity, Higher Mind.


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